Woman Wears Body Paint Instead Of Clothes For A Day And No One Notices


If you walked around in only panties and pasties all day, would anyone care? Would they notice? One woman did, and the people she encountered didn’t recognize her nakedness until she brought their attention to her painted-on attire.

Julie confessed that she’d long struggled with self-consciousness about her body. Her body image issues stemmed from a classmate’s careless comment about Julie’s thighs after Julie had performed in a leotard for a high school musical.

Professional body painter Pashur House painted Julie in jeans and a white T-shirt. Once she was covered with pasties, an expert paint job, and a coat of sealant, she took a walk outside. The revelation that she wore only paint was met with surprise and laughter.

So, what did Julie learn by concealing her body with little more than several layers of paint for a day? “I feel like I conquered a really huge fear that I’ve had,” she said. “You feel naked or you feel all these negative things about yourself that no one else sees, and no one else understands.”

Choked with emotion, Julie shared some advice she’d give to her younger self. “Be strong and to not listen to what other people say and to not let it matter so much because it doesn’t. What matters inside is what counts the most, and that’s where your strength and your beauty comes from first.”

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