Varun Dhawan And Social Media Star Amanda Cerny Had An Interesting Conversation On Twitter

Varun Dhawan is one of the biggest stars in the country right now and it looks like he’s all set to collaborate with American actress Amanda Cerny. Amanda was Playboy’s playmate of the month in October 2011 after which she began her modelling career. She is now a social media influencer with a massive following in the millions across YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Apart from that, she has also featured in various shows.

Basically she’s a cool, smart and famous girl and she totally wants to do a Bollywood movie with Varun (who wouldn’t?)

And Varun was totally game.

You think the two of them are already collaborating on something and not telling us mere mortals about it? Could it be a brand? Or a legit movie? What do you think?

In case you want to know more about her, you should totally check out her Instagram, she’s hilarious and hot, and that’s a brilliant combination.



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Serenaded ? ( w/ @loren @hrvy @jan.verb @juanmasierra #AmandaCerny )

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Watch the full video!!! CLICK LINK IN MY BIO ?

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Shipping them already!

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