Tyga Posts Pic Of Music Video Shoot With Sexy Models — Trying To One Up Kylie Jenner?

Tyga Revenge Kylie Jenner

Whoa! Is Tyga letting Kylie Jenner know he’s totally over her by hanging out with sexy bikini clad models? You’ve got to see the pic that is getting his ex back for her romance with Travis Scott

Tyga‘s got his mind on money and hot babes these days and he’s letting the world know it. The rapper posted a pic from the set of his video for “100s” to his Instagram on Apr. 24 and he’s surrounded by expensive cars and bikini clad models. The vid for the song dropped all the way back on Apr. 14, so it’s curious that he’d be reminding us that he’s a player just as his ex Kylie Jenner was spotted making out with Travis Scott, 24, at Coachella on Apr. 22. The 19-year-old has never been so romantic with another guy during any of her previous splits from Tyga, so this time she really might be moving on for good!

 The video itself is one big cheestastic fest of showing off that he’s got money and babes, as he rides around in Ferraris along with Chief Keef and AE, singing the chorus “Countin’ hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnids,” over and over. At one point they stop at an overlook in Malibu and make it rain by showing off stacks of hundred dollar bills while money lays all over the ground. Hot chicks in bikinis are there for good measure, licking the money and just standing around as sexy window dressing. Be forwarned, the lyrics are very NSFW.

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