“This Was Also My Film” – Mahira Khan’s Heartbreaking Statements About Being Sidelined

You’ve got to wonder what it’s like to be Mahira Khan right now. On one hand, she’s had the incredible opportunity to work in a big-ticket film with a superstar like Shah Rukh Khan. On the other hand, thanks to the tensions between India and Pakistan, she’s been unable to promote the film in India – and it’s unlikely the project will even release in her own country.

Unfortunately, due to the ban on Pakistani artists and all the controversy in the country, SRK went to meet Raj Thackeray to assure him that Mahira wouldn’t promote the film in the country and that he would avoid working with Pakistani talent in the future. Unfair, especially to the woman who would’ve really been looking forward to it – but how much can you really blame the Raees team?

Mahira sat down with Pakistani newspaper Dawn to talk about the entire situation, and she said that she wanted the “Introducing Mahira Khan” tag in a film ever since she was a child – but it didn’t happen for her first film in Pakistan, and it’s unclear whether it’ll happen here. When told to put it into perspective – and that “normal” people would instead be thinking she has a charmed life – Mahira hit back by saying:

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