This Photographer Captures The Inner Beauty Of $ex Workers


Hello readers, 

A couple of months back, I was doing a story on a sex worker and a wheelchair ridden beggar from Bangladesh, who fell in love and got married. The photo-story was brought to the world by an internationally renowned photographer from Bangladesh. 

He is known to capture beauty and joy in the most unimaginable places. Like, brothels for example. And factories where child labourers work, footpaths where the homeless live and slums, where the poverty is stark. But the photographer staunchly believes in showing the unknown stories of suffering according to a famous blog, Horyou.

In simple words, he believes in giving voice to the voiceless. He visits them, mixes up with them and tells their moving stories, through his camera. His website says that he has won over 100 international awards and his photographs have been published in over 100 international journals!

C’mon, let’s read more about this humanitarian photographer, and the great work he’s going. 

Am I good enough

Am I good enough
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