Things To Take Care Of Before Having $ex For The First Time

Sex if not done with proper precautions can harm you beyond repair. And this is one topic which needs to be discussed widely. AIDS and other Sexually transmitted diseases are few of the many things which unhealthy intercourse may cause. You should be on the safe side because it’s better to take precautions before something serious happens.  So before getting to bed with someone, there are things you should know and be careful about.

Here are few things you should know before having Sex in order to be on the safe side!

1. Proper use of c0ndoms

1. Proper use of c0ndoms
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C0ndoms are probably the safest thing invented when it comes to sex. Though the safety guaranteed is not 100% but it does prevent STDs to a great extent. But to use it properly, you have to learn or practice how to put it on. Without such practice, you might end up with punctured c0ndoms.



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