These Hollywood Celebrities Overshare What They Do To Their Partners In Bed

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Hollywood is not just famous for being bold on-screen but off-screen as well. It’s a notable fact that Hollywood celebrities are the most daring in the industry, and they don’t feel shy while sharing their thoughts or flaunting their bodies.

Often, journalists and reporters ask some questions to them and these celebrities blatantly answer them. We’ve witnessed these blatant interviews a lot of time. Remember the interview in which John Mayer said to Playboy that Jessica Simpson is like a crack ‘cocaine’ for him? The disgraceful interview took place somewhere back in 2010. Even though he later said sorry for saying this, his shit worthy words are ingrained in our brains.

However, John Mayer isn’t the only one; there are celebrities who over exposed their personal life in front of a camera and then regretted later.

Have a look!


Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer
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