Six Reasons Why Women Need To Add Ma$turbating To Their Daily Schedule

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Well, believe me, solo sex has its advantages way beyond your dark bedroom. It is absolutely normal and natural to masturbate and still so many women shy away from it, thinking of it as a sin. Why? Because nobody told us about it, society doesn’t wish to discuss it and everybody else thinks of it as a taboo. But in all honesty, we need to take a reality check and start talking about it rather than shying away from it. Masturbating is just like sex except, you are doing it alone instead of doing it with your partner.

There are a lot of reasons and scientific logics that prove masturbating is beneficial for women’s health and should become a part of their daily schedule, irrespective of anything else. 

Scroll down and know 6 major benefits of masturbating. 

1. It improves your sex life

1. It improves your sex life
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