Revealed: How Much $ex Do Couples Have, When In A Relationship For More Than 10 Years


When asked about the amount of sex a couple should have, there are varied views,  depending upon the needs and wants! But, when couples are in long-term relationships, the comfort level and the spark in their relation speaks volumes. Some manage to keep it up, even after not much sex, but some do not like to relax on this front and keep the bars high. Some couples, even after a long-term relation love to indulge in adventure on this front and also look into new fantasies!

When talked about sexuality, it comes synonymous with we being humans, a basic need. It can be an expression of life force, love, and creativity, too. But there are certain traits of couples in long term relationships such as, they embrace change, they listen to each other, they are practical, they keep dating each other and yet they remain individuals! Amongst all this, they also love some wild kinky fun, that keeps the fun factor in their relationship alive.

#1. When there is no more sex

#1. When there is no more sex
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