Plastic Surgery Turned Out Badly Once More? “Befikre” Cutie Vaani Kapoor Gets Trolled For Stunning Makeover

Vaani Kapoor is creating buzz due to her latest movie “Befikre”. She has been in the latest cheesy headlines due to her plastic surgery. She is grabbing all the attention due to her upcoming with extremely handsome hunk Ranver Singh. People are trolling her these days due to her bizarre look she got after plastic surgery. She was extremely beautiful and attractive and earned fan following after her movie shudh desi romance, but  now everybody is hating her new look! Let see her make over pics and see what’s the diffrence?

Can You Spot The Difference?

She looks extremely changer from her ”Shuddh Desi Romance days” she did in 2013. After Surgery she got a jawline , broader chin, and fuller lips. I think it is due to wrong plastic surgery. Even social media don’t want to miss any chance to troll Vani Kapoor.

She is Being trolled by Her Fans Even!

You can see in above image some nasty tweets and some pictures for you to check the spot and decide which vani is looking better.

If you Ask Me Her Fuller Lips Are Looking Extremely Amazing!


Ohhh Nooo! Not Good One


Choose Which Vani Is Better Befikre Or Shudh Desi Romance?

No matter what she is beautiful and we wish her all the best for her upcoming befikre.

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