Our Girl Crush On Gigi Hadid Has Multiplied After Seeing This Outfit!


Gigi Hadid‘s street style is gold. But we feel like, with every new outfit she walks out in, our love for her grows a little more. I am always a little more conscious of how I dress when I’m overseas because the people over there are so particular that you feel the need to keep up. It seems to come so naturally to people and looking at Gigi, we can’t agree more. Her latest outfit is the reason why I am so envious of any place that has Fall and Winter weather coz there are some clothes that you just can’t pull of in tropical countries. Boots, jackets and such fall into this category. She paired black and white stripes with white crop pants, a navy coat and patent leather booties. With her wavy hair and cool AF aviators, this look is so fly, we can’t seem to look away.


What sets Gigi apart from mere mortals like us are the little details. Like the lifesaver badge on her jacket, and the button-details on her pants. But hey, did she switch out her bags on the same day? Looks like it! Oh well, #ModelLife!

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