Nicki Minaj: Why Lil Kim’s Not Surprised She Stole Her Racy Look — Again

Lil Kim reportedly noticed when Nicki Minaj sported her own bare boob ensemble during Paris Fashion Week. See what she thinks about her long-time feud with Nicki now!

Yikes! Lil Kim reportedly saw Nicki Minaj’s bare boob outfit at Paris Fashion Week and is “glad she can inspire non original girls,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim was rocking the one breast out look decades ago. And damn, Nicki stealing that too?” the insider told us.

Lil Kim apparently has been keeping track of things that she sees Nicki basically copying. “Kim was the first diva to rock the big colorful wigs back in the 90’s. Nicki stole it!” the insider said. Reportedly Kim thinks Nicki’s “stealing” goes beyond her style and even into her music. “Kim was one of the first females who was went hard on the mic, being crazy sexually explicit and talking about shit in her rhymes you’d only hear or see in a porn. Nicki stole that too,” the source said. Allegedly, Kim sees Nicki’s feud with Remy Ma as payback. “Its a fu**king shame and downright pathetic that Nicki has no creativity as an artist and she’s finally being exposed,” the source told us. Whoa!



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