Jennifer Lopez Almost Had A Wardrobe Malfunction At A Vegas Event But…

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Jennifer Lopez has been considered a sex symbol and a huge youth icon during the 90s. And now, as time has passed on, she has transitioned from being a sex symbol to a symbolic legend about the same! The years don’t seem to be able to dissolve her fame and popularity into obscurity, and that’s because J-Lo knows how to keep the audience to herself. She’s a treat to listen to, may it be on recordings or in live concerts. So it’s no doubt that the first show of her ‘All I Have’ tour in Vegas was totally packed with an energetic audience. And J-Lo was as energetic as they were, or maybe even more, hopping and twirling on the stage as she sang.

However, what no one, including J-Lo too perhaps, had anticipated was that her dress wasn’t quite right for the energetic performance that she was getting into, and that led to J-Lo getting into a close brush with a wardrobe malfunction. However, she handled it quite right, and we’re absolutely impressed! Check it out.

But amidst the spectacular performance, something wasn't right...

But amidst the spectacular performance, something wasn't right...
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