How Often Do These 8 Popular Stars Wash Hair? Shocking Revelations!

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Hair care forms the basic routine of our beauty regime and it’s probably the same for our lovely celebs. So whether it is Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez or experienced celebs like Jennifer Aniston, you should definitely get to know their hair care regimes.

After all , you should know everything about them (the stalker in you cannot be controlled). So while, following the fashion trends A-listed stars set is a trend in itself, insight into their hair care regimen can assist you in understanding what you should be doing or what you have been doing all wrong.

Here are all your favorite stars and how often they wash their hair.

1. Kim Kardashian West

1. Kim Kardashian West
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In an interview, Kim revealed that she washes her hair once in 5 days (woah!). She says that she starts off with a blow-dry on day one, a messy look on day two, flat iron on day three, and slick ponytail on day four.

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