Hot Female Celebs Who NEVER Wear A Bra

There is a perception among those who aren’t famous, that to become famous, you have to either possess some type of talent, or do something outrageous enough to garner attention. Well, sometimes it helps to do both, as you will see in this list of hot female celebrities who NEVER wear a bra when they are spotted outside their homes.

1. Jennifer Aniston

1. Jennifer Aniston
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Back before “Friends,” Aniston probably wore a bra, because no one knew her name, so going out without proper undergarment protection wouldn’t gain her any attention. But now that she’s a household name, Aniston is proud of her wares, and is often photographed in a way that shows she isn’t concerned about going out without support for her chest area. And don’t worry. She and her sweater puppets are laughing all the way to the bank.

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