Gigi Hadid goes completely nak3d for a Versace shoot and it is HOT AF – view pic

Gigi Hadid strips down for a Versace photoshoot and sets temperatures soaring. The model has been crowned with Model of the Year title by 2016 Fashion Awards.


Gigi Hadid has stripped down for Versace with nothing but a bag to give her company. The 21 year old model is not new to this stripping naked concept and has done it twice in the past. However, with each time, she takes it up a notch and leaves us with sleepless nights. Laying barenaked on a Versace printed bedspread, the blonde model has slyly stretched her arm out to hold the brand’s bag and cover her modesty. *breathes heavily* With just a pair of black pumps and a Versace bag, looks like we just got an eye full of the petite diva. Miss Hadid definitely knows how to turn the heat up in these dreary winter nights. (ALSO READ – Zayn Malik’s sex life with Gigi Hadid inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?)

As you can see, she is surrounded by fluff pillows, the richness of black and golden colour and of course, wearing nothing but a pair of black stilettos! Gosh, this is the kinda rich dreams we have in the night. Clearly, it is by far one of the raunchiest photoshoots of Miss Hadid. You can see that despite not showing off the goods, Gigi has managed to pop our eyes out of the sockets. There’s so much panache to this pic and evidently the other pics from this photoshoot are also going to be a visual treat. Not just her drool worthy body but even her face has left us mesmerised. From the makeup done to perfection to her blonde tresses resting beautifully on the pillow, this is one gorgeous year end for Gigi Hadid!

Gigi Hadid for Versace

Having recently won Model of the Year at the 2016 Fashion Awards, this photoshoot surely rounds up the fiesty year she has had. With her photoshoots, endorsements, fashion week appearances, love life with baeu Zayn Malik, it has been a roller coaster. But, as we stated earlier, the level of hotness oozed out by Hadid has only increased for the better and not once, faltered! Her career graph as a model as well as her relationship status with Zayn are going super well. You can tell from the Snapchat stories of Gigi that she is having a baller time with her bae, who cannot keep his hands off her.

What a fab way to end the year, Gigi! Seriously, could there be a more risque yet gorgeous end to 2016? What are your thoughts, BollywoodLifers? Tell us in the comments section below. Stay tuned to this space for hot updates.

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