Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Just Posted Her #FreeTheNipple Photo Against Censorship


Priya Malik was almost infamous for always speaking her mind in the Bigg Boss 9 house. In light of the recent controversy over Baar Baar Dekho‘s “bra scene” controversy (for the uninitiated, the Censor Board has cut a scene from the film which has a bra in it. Sigh), Priya posted an interesting #FreeTheNipple photo on her Instagram.

Because wearing a visible #bra would be indecent. #FreeTheNipple

A photo posted by Priya Malik (@priyasometimes) on

Talking about the photo, she said:

Yesterday was the day when a bra scene got banned from a film, a temple in Ujjain asked girls to not wear jeans to the temple and the Foreign Minister suggested women tourists to not wear skirts in India. Hello, 2016!  Those who consider the sight of a woman’s bra offensive are the same ones who’d consider me going braless offensive too. That’s society for you. My body. My choice. Who put the boo in boobs?

Well played!

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