Ever Wondered What A Small Mole Says About Your Intimate Life?

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Have you ever paid attention to those tiny black marks on your body? They are known as moles or beauty marks. The reason why they are called beauty marks because they are believed to enhance a woman’s features and make her look more attractive. Beauty or no beauty, I have been blessed with a lot of these marks, and believe me, before getting my facts verified for this story I always hated my moles. But, after knowing how they can affect my personal life, I became more cautious and careful towards them. 

According to Kamasutra, placement of moles on certain body parts is a sign of high sensuality. We have listed down some facts that will make you understand the importance of having moles on certain parts of your body.

Take a look!

A mole above the eye.

A mole above the eye.
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This mole is a sign of being great in bed. People who have it will never let you down and will always out perform.

That’s all, people.

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