Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless For $exy ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Shoot — Her Riskiest Pic Yet?


It’s no secret that Emily Ratajkowski loves being naked. So much that she’s stripped off her clothes for her very first ‘Vanity Fair’ cover. We’ve got the racy topless shot.

If you’ve ever taken a look at model/actress Emily Ratajkowski‘s Instagramaccount, it’s clear she is not a fan of clothing. She’s co-starring in Amy Schumer‘s new comedy I Feel Pretty and that’s landed the 26-year-old a highly prized cover story for the March issue of Vanity Fair…Spain. She’s completely topless and recently revealed that being nude is her total happy place. La Rata is seen in nothing but a pair of black undies while covering up her nipples with her arms. Compared to her incredibly racy pics on her IG account, this photo is actually someone tame!

Of course we all know what her bare breasts look like, as she shot to fame proudly parading around totally topless in Robin Thicke‘s 2013 NSFW version of his “Blurred Lines” video. She also tossed off her clothes in sex scenes with Ben Affleck in the 2014 film Gone Girl. In her new comedy with Amy she plays a pal with self esteem issues, much to Amy’s character’s annoyance because Em’s so damn beautiful and perfect.

Emily recently revealed in an interview that her favorite thing in the world is being in the buff. For a DKNY promotional shoot she said  “I like to make my own choices. I live life on my own terms… I feel the most comfortable naked at home – are you surprised by that?” Umm…NO! “I don’t hold back. I don’t take any s**t – neither should you. I’m extremely persistent. I’m a really terrible singer. It’s ok not to fit into someone else’s box,” she proudly admitted.

“I’m my own superhero – you are too. We are all capable of way more than we realize. I’m complicated… secretly romantic… vulnerable… bad texter…never get back to anyone… real… silly. Underneath it all, I’m just me,” she added. Her 16.5 million Instagram followers love Em just the way she is!


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