Did Olivia Munn Get Plastic Surgery? Fans Freak After She Shows Off Bigger Lips


Olivia Munn sported much plumper lips at the CFDA luncheon on Feb. 20, and fans are convinced she got them done! See their comments here.

Olivia Munn, 37, sported a new look at the CFDA, Variety and WWDRunway to Red Carpet event in Hollywood, and we’re not talking about her outfit. Of course the actress looked stunning in a bright yellow ensemble, but fans couldn’t take their eyes off her much plumper lips. “Bruh, did you inject your lips?” one fan commented under Olivia’s photo from the event, and we can’t help but ask the same question! Fortunately, for Olivia, loyal fans claim the look is due to makeup. While that may be true, when looking through Olivia’s Instagram, it’s clear her lips weren’t always this full. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little work done!

 Interestingly, this wouldn’t be the first time “The Newsroom” actress was accused of getting plastic surgery. Back in 2016, fans noticed changes in Olivia’s face and suggested that she got a nose job. Olivia quickly slammed the rumors by explaining that her face looks different because of her healthy lifestyle. “I lost 12 pounds this past year while training for Xmen. I kept it off by coming up w/an hour workout I do a few times a week. The weight loss leaned out my cheeks and jawline. Working out is also great for your skin because it increased blood flow to your face which helps rejuvenate,” Olivia said in an Instagram post. She also credited her “new” look to a certain type of food. “I’ve talked about this before and I still stand by it: Japanese potatoes that are high in Hyaluronic Acid helps keep wrinkles away,” Olivia continued. I guess we should all give Japanese potatoes a try!

With or without surgery, Olivia looks flawless. Aside from her facial features, Olivia recently made headlines for her rumored relationship with Chris Pratt, 38, who recently split from his wife Anna Faris. But, before we get too carried away, Olivia has denied the rumors and took to Instagram to declare they were “not true.” So, maybe she will soon speak on the lip filler speculation, too.


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Olivia Munn's Comment

Olivia Munn's Comments

Take a look at the before and after pics above!

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