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OK Jaanu’s Version Of ‘Humma Humma’ Is Really $exy

Given just how many people love OK Kanmani, and how many of them are purists, I feel like I need to preface every OK Jaanu post by saying I haven’t seen the original. That said, the new song from the film is now out, and it’s a remix of the very popular Humma Humma. I’m not much of a purist, so I can say that ...

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Sonu Nigam’s Sister Just Released Her First Single – Watch The Video

Teesha Nigam, Sonu Nigam‘s younger sister, has sung for movies like Sooper Se Ooper and Singh Saab The Great before. And now, she has released her first independent single. The track, titled Katna Nai, was composed by Sajjad Ali, and it was Sonu Nigam who introduced her to it. Teesha, it seems, loved the song instantly and decided she wanted it to be her first single. She has ...

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You Wish You Looked Like This Popstar At The Gym!

Ariana Grande‘s known for her ponytail, winged liners and a killer Mariah Carey-like voice. But now, you’ll know her for the girl who will inspire you to go to the gym with a full face of makeup on! While I may just be kidding about the full face of makeup on, I am not about her makeup looks in her recent single ...

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