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12 Most Uncomfortable Questions About $ex Answered

There are a lot of questions that women ask/think regarding their sex life, intimate body parts, the emotions their partners feel, married life, etc. However, they feel shy asking these or fear that their partners might feel uncomfortable when confronted with such questions and so, they look for sn expert advice from books, etc. Here is some advice that might ...

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10 Best Sex Positions For Men With Small Manhood

It’s fine if you aren’t as endowed as most of the other people are. Just because you fall a little short doesn’t mean that you’re going to be all alone forever. You can still manage to get the job done, with no compromise on the satisfaction quotient. You just need to be familiar with the tricks of the trade to be ...

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TIL: A Woman Has S3x With A Puppet On Camera And The Internet Cannot Get Enough Of Her! (NSFW)

WARNING: This article is has some graphic language and details that is not suitable for people below the age of 18 years. Readers discretion is advised.  Ventriloquism has been an age-old stagecraft, used by performers to entertain their audiences. Ventriloquists are usually comedians and artists, who show their versatility by changing his or her voice so that it appears that ...

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Your Ultimate Sex Advice Cheat Sheet

The only thing more fun than having sex is talking about it—over a two-hour brunch, in a group text, on Gchat, wherever. Hearing about other people’s sex stories and hashing out various sex-related or sexual-health quandaries is fun, entertaining, and perfectly healthy. Consider this the safest space you’ll find (outside your trusted squad) to get expert advice on how to improve your ...

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10 Foreplay Moves That Will Drive Her Wild

Everyone wants sex, but we are not talking dirty. It’s just that men express, whereas, women always feel shy talking about what they want in bed. One of the desires a woman has is a bit long foreplay. However, men lack in knowing their desire and fail to satisfy their women. But if you follow some tips or moves, no ...

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7 Reasons Why A Guy Is Scared AF Of A Threesome

Mostly, people consider that having a threesome is a fantastic experience for everyone, gender no bar. But as the things commence to turn hot and happening, the encounter can quickly go downhill after a series of events. Mostly, the insecurities and fears are the reason behind the entire experience going sour. In case, you are wondering that it is only ...

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