Quick Vegan Chana Masala Recipe

Good news! Cookie got her bandage off yesterday. Just a few more long days with the cone around her head. I’m tired of getting herded around by a furry bulldozer! The best news is that the vet said she should be in good shape for our long walks this spring. Sometimes I wonder which of us needs those walks more. ...

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Delicious Sabudaana Recipe!

It is a time to step into navratri festivities. Embrace the joy of the festival with the aromatic and mouth watering fasting recipe. Sabudaana Khichdi is very popular during fasting days. It is easy to make but you still need some perfection to make it tasty. Ingredients 1cup sabudana 2 small size potatoes 1-2 chopped green chili 1 tsp cumin ...

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