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8 Simple Ways To Make Any Girl Fall For You

You may love your girlfriend from the core of your heart and in the most devoted way but expressing it from time to time can keep that spark alive in the relationship and above all, it will make her feel special. Here’s what can you do to melt your girl in the best possible way.

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6 Things Anant Ambani Did To Lose 108kgs In 18 Months

All anyone has been talking about this weekend is Anant Ambani‘s incredible weight loss. The Ambani scion, who was obese due to medical issues, has lost 108kgs in in 18 months – a crazy feat, especially since he’s said to have lost the weight in a natural way. According to reports doing the rounds, Anant spent around 5-6 hours a day in ...

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How to Pose for Perfect Pictures | Video

WE are going to divulge the secrets of achieving a modeling career! Hey guys! I know a lot of you have big dreams of getting into the modeling business, and I decided to help you out! 🙂 I want the best for you and I just want everyone to follow their dreams! LOVE YOU! To prepare yourself for the modeling ...

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