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10 Celebs Who Showed Off Their Underb00b On Red Carpet, #4 Is Shocking!

Talking about red carpet fashion, we have seen so many weird, crazy, shocking and absolutely “out of the world” fashion statements being made over the last decade, that nothing really surprises us anymore. From Justin and Britney’s matching denim wear to Jennifer Lopez’s gown, from Miley Cyrus’ almost nude fringe dress to Lady GaGa’s every red carpet dress (Read: Meat Dress), it seems ...

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Russian Ballerinas Define TWERK The Next Level SWAG

TWERK is the new addition to the dictionary in the category of HipHop dance style. Twerking is a dance style on heavy bass trap music in a sexually provocative manner including hip movements with a shake and squatting stance. This is something cool! Beyonce added flavor to the TWERK Culture! ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 4

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Kylie Jenner’s B-Day Gift to Jordyn Woods Is Unreal

  What did you get your best friend for her birthday? A candle? Some lip gloss? Dinner? Maybe you went really extravagant and bought her a sweater or something? Well, you’re doing BFF gift-giving all wrong, and Kylie Jenner wants you to know that. Because she got her friend Jordyn Woods a $14,600 Cartier Rainbow Love bracelet last night for her 19th birthday, according ...

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Celebrity Daughters Who Incredibly Grew Up Like Their Parents

Famous celebrities who have already stolen the show are now stepping out of the spotlight. However, their daughters have inherited the beautiful looks from them, and they are shining the way their celebrity parents used to be. Let’s check out the list of such celebrity daughters who have overshadowed their famous parents. 1. Dakota Johnson ◄ Back Next ► Picture ...

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