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If You Eat Bananas, You Must Know These 10 Shocking Facts

“An apple a day keeps doctors away” is the most common health advice we have been hearing for many years. But I think the same phrase should be applied to bananas also. Having a banana regularly in our diet can prevent us from many health issues. It is enriched with Vitamins, Proteins and other useful minerals that are essential to fighting ailments. Banana ...

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10 Shocking Facts About Vaginas That Are Simply Mind-Blowing

Did you know that our vagina needs regular exercise just like every other muscle in the body? Yes, it can be maintained flexible and in proper shape by regular sexual activities or kegel exercises. Some activities like heavy sports can cause damage to the vagina, in the long run, hence keeping it healthy is also necessary.  Other than that, here ...

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Check Out These 6 Habits That’s Hurting Your Manhood

“We live in a world where we identify only with the things we see outside of ourselves”– Guy Finley What strikes in your mind when you think of a word ‘Manhood’? Many of you may relate manhood with the size of the penis, and many may believe that manhood is a stage in a life of a man. Unknowingly, we ...

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9 Habits That A Pregnant Woman Must Completely Give Up

The joy of pregnancy starts soon after you decide you will have a baby. There is no greater feeling to your spouse when you declare your pregnancy in front of him. Being pregnant is a feeling of immense love, joy, and closeness between two people. No matter even if this is your second pregnancy, being pregnant brings a series of moments, ...

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Five Signs Of First Week Pregnancy Every Couple Must Know

Women carrying a baby in their womb for nine months are the most respected ones and should always be considered as the most powerful women. Because the painful time they go through can not be imagined by anyone else. But, if you are doubtful of getting pregnant and this is your first time, just go through these five signs and get to ...

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