This Girl On Instagram Has A 70 Inch Butt!

A woman on Instagram has become an overnight sensation after posting photos of her 70 inch butt! The astonishing images, uploaded by user @love.randalin, show an otherwise petite girl named Raylynn striking a number of poses showing off her ample derriere. 1 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 3

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Another Classic Shampoo Prank!

HoomanTV is back with another one of his epic shampoo pranks! He done these pranks no fewer than four times before, but this is the best one yet. With his sights set on a surfer, an old man and a couple of scantily clad women, he hides behind the shower blocks and just keeps on putting shampoo on their heads. ...

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9 Totally Awkward Human-Animal Relationships That Are Shocking As Hell!

You might have come across various animal lovers. But I’m very much sure, you don’t know about the following people and their unusual relationships with animals. Loving animals is a good thing and is appreciable too. But, taking it to a whole another level? Yeah! The article features those individuals who made animal-human relationships to a greater extent. Love is unconditional, literally. Read ...

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