10 Unladylike Things Women Truly Love Doing Sometimes!

Guys! If you think that girls’ life is totally different from yours, you are absolutely wrong. They can be as cool and funny as you are. They booze till they get high, they love what they have and enjoy their life to the fullest. Girls are not bound to behave to impress anyone, they just do anything they love to. ...

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Dirtiest And Grossest Habits Of Hollywood Celebrities

We all look up to celebrities, we idolize them and try to copy them. We follow their fashion styles, use products that they use and end up spending a huge amount of money in the process. They all look so perfect that we can do anything to get that perfection. But they too are normal humans, just like us! Even ...

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16 Times Teachers Got Busted On Facebook

Teacher and students burning each other inside the classroom is pretty common. But think, what happens when they decide to take it on Facebook. The outcome is hilarious. Below are such instances where people got burned, PUBLICALLY! Go ahead, and have a great laugh.    

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