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15 Lies About Love Making That Every Grownup Girl Must Know

You as a girl, listen to a lot many things regarding sex. You carry many expectations from the night you lose your virginity to every love making session that follows. Those expectations obviously rise from the things you hear from the people around (your girlfriends, generally) to watching the entertainment industry, and you set the level pretty high.    Let ...

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7 Naughtiest Confessions By Moms Ever Made

Before I begin, I want to say that we’re humans, and we’re all driven by various needs and desires in our lives. While our primary needs are food and shelter, the secondary needs govern our actions just as strongly, irrespective of one’s gender.  Being a guy, one can easily have these feelings without being judged – something that isn’t as ...

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12 Funny People Misbehaving With Statues

Statues on streets are of course stood up for attracting folks around them but the following images illustrate how some people get intimately attracted to these statues and leave back snaps like these for people like you and me to laugh uncontrollably, trying not to think otherwise but ending up doing that. The lady in #7 has just nailed it!

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