Bridget Malcolm: VS Model, 26, Fires Back After Getting Skinny Shamed Over Bikini Pics

Bridget Malcolm

VS stunner Bridget Malcolm just shared a sharp defense of her figure after commenters decried her for being ‘too thin’! Here’s her incredible response!

Although Bridget Malcolm won’t be walking in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the blonde bombshell is still grabbing headlines with a powerful new blog post in which she addresses critics who say she’s too skinny! The 26-year-old explains that it was actually one commenter whose words inspired her to write the post. The fan wrote that, while she loves Bridget’s outlook and blogs, photos of the model “are really triggering.” She explained that she is recovering from an eating disorder and that Bridget might mislead fans with her diet and photos.

“You should be careful what you post as you are an inspiration to many girls who will follow you and think that just eating vegetables all day is healthy,” the follower wrote. Bridget responded by thanking her for the comment and defending her lifestyle. “First of all; I am so glad you are in recovery. I have my own history in this arena, and it is such a struggle to pull out of, and then maintain health, so I am so proud of you for getting there. I also will take your comments into consideration, as I do want to be a good role model for young women and men.

“In the past I have used myfitnesspal to keep an eye on all my vitamins and minerals, and to make sure I hit all my nutritional needs on a vegan diet. I am not interested in how many calories I take – I definitely do not count them – but that app told me I was eating around 1500-1600 a day, the majority of which are from carbohydrates. This to me seems pretty healthy given my activity levels.”

She went on to explain that despite her petite figure she definitely enjoys food! “This is the size that works for me. I am a size 2-4, I eat dessert if I want it, and I have the energy to live life. I am by all means not “too thin”; I get my periods, can run for miles, and kick someone’s ass. I certainly didn’t always have the energy to do this.” We love this girl!


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