Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Soares Reacts To Unseen Pictures Of Gautam Gulati Making Out With Someone!


The internet is a wonderful, wonderful place where each day you come across some true gems. The above picture, if you can’t recognize for some strange reason, is of our man of the moment, *drumroll*, Gautam Gulati! He’s clearly doing the selfie right. Recently, his mother had given an interview in a tabloid saying how he treats all the girls he knows as sisters. Going by that statement, this is really awkward. The unidentified woman in the picture doesn’t look even remotely sisterly, though. Ahem.

Well, a fan (or not) tweeted this picture to Diandra Soares. I think it was to get some sort of a resentful reaction from her. However, as we know already how fabulous Diandra is, she really didn’t make a big deal about it and replied most nonchalantly. Check out her tweet here:


Twitter | @diandrasoares13

You go girl!


However, only recently Diandra announced how much she misses Gautam and how she believes what they had was real. Man, their relationship is even more confusing now that she is out of the house.

What are your thoughts?

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