Bella Thorne Shocks Fans By Appearing Topless On Instagram Live: Was It An Accident?

This is totally insane! Bella Thorne was seen topless while changing on her Instagram Live feed on March 3, but did the actress know that her phone was filming her actions? Fans are going crazy trying to figure it out. Check out the video here and decide for yourself!

Bella Thorne, 19, fans know they can expect some racy pics and videos from the sexy starlet, but we don’t know if they’ve seen anything like this before! The former Disney Channel star took to Instagram Live on March 3 and posted a video in which she appeared COMPLETELY topless while changing, but it isn’t clear from the video whether Bella actually intended to share her bare chest with the world.

As you can see in the video, Bella is changing with the phone on the ground and may not have known what the camera was capturing, or if it was running that whole time. And, with the nature of Instagram Live being, well, live, there isn’t a ton Bella could have done once people who were tuned in to her account had seen it. After that video was up it spread like wild fire on social media, with people who had seen it and captured it when it was happening going on to share it.

The response from fans was definitely mixed. “Bella Thorne went nude on Instagram Live,” one fan tweeted with an embarrassed emoji. “Thanks for the Instagram Live feed last night!!” tweeted another. Ya, seems like some enjoyed the show and others did not.


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