8 Reasons Why Making Love During PMS Is A Good Idea

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However open-minded we become, certain things always make us uncomfortable whenever we have to talk about them. Those issues are considered a taboo in this society. Periods are often considered gross and dirty. It is generally not easily accepted by women and men alike.

The painful time of month stays with you for five to seven days. It prevents you from sharing some romantic moments with your partner even on the most special occasions of your life.

But, what we need to understand is that periods are totally natural and healthy. In fact, it’s totally normal if you wish to get intimate with your lover. Some facts show that nothing wrong happens in having intercourse with your partner during periods.

So, put your thoughts away from how PMSs are ‘disgusting’ and ‘nasty’, read along and figure out why having a period sex is a monthly celebration and not an unspeakable occurrence.

It's just blood

It's just blood
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