3 Reasons Why You Might Want To Use These Dumbbells For Your Vagina

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We work so hard to stay fit – cutting carbs, spending time at the gym, practicing yoga, doing pilates, burning it out with Zumba, the list is unending! If we work so hard to stay in shape, why not focus on the fitness of your vagina as well. Just like we have dumbbells, kettlebells etc, Ben Wa balls, Love balls, Venus balls or Geisha balls are the gear you need to keep your vagina fit.

How Does It Work?

These balls are inserted into the vagina in order to strengthen and/or restore vaginal muscles. They come in various sizes and materials, in order to help you become a seasoned user. It is important to consult your doctor before you start to use these as they are beneficial, but sizes and materials will suit different individuals differently.

1. Bladder Control

Because these balls improve pubococcygeus aka PC muscles that help promote bladder control. So you won’t be running to the bathroom every 15 minutes!

2. Double Benefits

Weighted balls like these have double benefits as they can be used for both, exercising to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles as well as to give you pleasure.

3. Strengthens Pelvic Floor

Many women opt to use these balls after their pregnancy as they make your pelvic area stronger. Although the balls aren’t necessary to do the exercises, they are important to help but they help remind you to keep the muscle flexed.

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