#16YearsOfK3G – Karan Johar Shares Unseen Photos From The Film’s Sets!

I am not ashamed to admit that I am obsessed with Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham a.k.a K3G. I loved wit when I was 9-years old and that love hasn’t faded away even now when I am in my mid-twenties. Such is the craze for the movie, that it’s not only a meme field, but also a major reference point in my daily conversations.

If you don’t share the same sentiment, well, I have nothing to offer you. But if you do, then you know that there can never be another K3G or another Poo, another Ladoo, another Pati Parmeshwar or another “Tell me how it wasss!” – my list is endless.


#16yearsofK3G……the age of innocence

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For all of this and more, we have Karan Johar to thank. After all, who would have thought that an upper class family drama will have this level of impact & relevance even after 16 years of its release!

KJo shared a series of amazing throwback posts from the film’s sets on Instagram. Take a look:


Me overacting trying to teach KAREENA what to do!!! 😂#16yearsofk3g

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Watching over the emotional climax reunion #16yearsofk3g

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It seems I was obsessed with Poo!!!! #16yearsofk3g

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Last minute adjustments #16yearsofk3g

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BRB. Going to watch K3G for 79103890th time!


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