15 Tweets That Nailed The Difference Between Making Love Before And After Kids


People say having kids changes everything. While the reality may not be so absolute but, parents on Twitter have shown that there is something to showcase based on this statement.

Whether it is proper parenting, managing your job or maintaining the house after giving birth to a child, it is always a tough job. And I guess in that frustration, people tweet and what’s better than that? They release their stress, and most of us get a reason to laugh and know their real-life experiences. If you’re among one such parent, believe me, you’ll enjoy reading their tweets and best relate to that.

I went through an ample number of tweets that signified the difference between the parents’ laid back child-free years and the experience of trying to have sex after having kids. And so I’ve come up with some of the best examples you would want to have a look at.


A wise advice.

A wise advice.
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